B12 injection

B12 injection
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Vitamin B 12 Injections benefit the body in many ways including; boosting energy levels, helping depression and anxiety, increasing metabolism and aiding weight loss, healthier skin, hair and nails, improving sleep and improving ‘brain fog’  Feel Better Fast.

Scientifically Proven…

Vitamin B12 injections benefit the body in many ways including:

-Boosting energy levels & mental clarity.

-Helping depression & anxiety.

-Increasing metabolism and weight loss.

-Healthier skin, hair and nails after four shots

-Improving Menopause symptoms.

-Improving sleep.

-Lowering risk of Parkinsons and Alzheimers.

-Preventing Anaemia.

Aglow is a fully qualified and insured VitB12 Practitioner. NB Aglow uses British grade Hydroxocobalamin VitB12.

The cost of B12 is £35 payable on the day to Samantha. Samantha is at the Salon every Tuesday 9:30 – 11:30.

Call Samantha on 07880 706646

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