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Soothe, relax and indulge with the ultimate Jessica Manicure. The creme de la creme of manicures, you will benefit from unparalleled exfoliation, moisture & protection, while revealing in a combination of massage and acupressure designed to reduce stress and relieve tension

LeRemedi Hand Treatment (20 minutes)  
A complete exfoliating and conditioning hand treatment, leaving hands noticeably silkier, smoother and firmer than before. 

The Jessica Half Hour Manicure (30 minutes)  
Hands and cuticles are conditioned and moisturised. Nails are beautifully shaped and treated with a prescriptive basecoat, completed by the perfect polish

Prescriptive Manicure (45 minutes) 
Nails are analysed and treated for their specific type. Jessica’s prescriptive manicure includes exfoliation, massage and cuticle care. Nails are beautifully shaped and treated with a prescriptive basecoat before finishing with the perfect polish.

Deluxe Manicure with LeRemedi Hand Treatment (1 hour) 
The ultimate in hand and nail care. All the benefits of the LeRemedi Hand Treatment combined with Jessica’s Prescriptive Manicure with the added bonus of a Free Gift.

Jessica Prescriptive Manicure with Thermal Heated Mittens (1 hour)  
Jessica’s Prescriptive Manicure with the luxurious added benefits of Thermal Heated Mittens for deeper penetration of oils and creams. This treatment choice is excellent for increasing circulation or relieving stiff, painful joints.

Gentlemen’s Club Hand and Nail Care (30 minutes) 
Hands are exfoliated to remove dryness and massaged with treatment creams, Cuticles are conditioned and groomed and nails are trimmed and shaped

Our Gel Manicure includes shaping of the nails, cuticle work, a mini massage and a beautiful shiny finish. When we are redoing your Gel Polish we don’t charge for soak off. However if you have had your Gel nails done elsewhere we will charge an extra £5.00

Our BIAB Gel Manicure includes the use of the famous Gel Bottle Builder in a Bottle as a base, left with the natural colour they are or finished with a Gel Colour of your choice, BIAB is an extra £5.00

Your Treatment time does not include drying time, however you are welcome to stay until you feel comfortable to leave, our therapist will regularly check your nails to ensure they are touch dry. Please be careful with your nails for a good few hours after just to ensure your nails are nice and set.

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